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For the first time, Alain Thomas puts his talent to the service of china, and creates the designs for a Haviland series of decorative itemssold around the world. Undisputed master of the Arts of the Table, Haviland has always worked with reknowned artists. So, this celebrated Limoges china maker has chosen to translate its timeless modernity with a new collection signed by Alain Thomas.

For over 160 years, Haviland has created the most beautiful Limoges china in the world. From the beginning we have combined respect for this centuries- old tradition with a systematically modern approach. The result is a unique array of skills... and a Passion for Porcelain. Porcelain is a mixture of kaolin clay, feldspar and quartz - a mixture that takes on a life of its own! The Haviland know-how has made its mark on the modern history of porcelain. We introduced soft cutting and decoration on porcelain. Decal print transfer and other techniques that are industry standards today originated at Haviland. Our designs maintain the finest traditions of Limoges china. Since 1842, our studios have created new shapes and new colors - pale green, ivory, light blue and lavender to name a few. These new shapes and colors have led the way to thousands of new patterns. The Haviland factory in Limoges is staffed by many of the top artisans in France - men and women who have a passion for porcelain. As in centuries past, they still do all the finishing and decorating work by hand..

Site Haviland

C'est aujourd'hui l'un des fleurons de l'Art de vivre à la Française.