Vessels of passion, creators of emotion, "Faïenceries & Enamels de Longwy" have now hired these renowned designers.

Founded in 1798 in an old Carmelite convent, the Faïenceries de Longwy have enjoyed considerable fame since the first Empire. In 1872 the d'Huarts conceived the idea of a cloisonné hand laid on a ceramic bisque. The world renowned Enamels de Longwy were born, with a growing reputation that reached its apogee with the 1925 Art Deco Exhibition in Paris. Since 1991, under the direction of Michelle Kostka, FaÏenceries & Enamels de Longwy once more entered the luxury market.
Alain Thomas in the workshop with M. and Mme Kostka from Manufacture des Enamels de Longwy

Hand laid enamels on earthenware are true works of Art requiring refined skills and centuries of know how. The best craftsmen perpetuate a tradition of talent through those delicate gestures that are their heritage from the past.
know how

The silk paper is applied to the virginal whiteness of the bisque. Printed by transfer a fine black line will trap the hand laid enamels preventing them from mixing together. The searing heat of firing brings to life the glazed pottery and garbs it with tiny crackles to be enhanced by burnt sienna.
The prices vary according to objects from 250 euros to 15 000 euros