Alain THOMAS, an artist in the Garden of Eden

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Born on February 14, 1942 in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique, France).A self-taught man. Started painting in 1962.

1963 : Alain Thomas exposed his paintings for the first time in Nantes. In 2003, in the environment of contemporary French art, he is considered the leader of “naive-primitive” painting. A richness of 40 years of artistic practice, with the illustration of 18 works and a strong presence in private and public collections, Alain Thomas remains an atypical painter. In examining his work, you can imagine all at the same time the elegance of the glosses of Palesh, the delicacies of Oriental miniatures, the abundance of the Flemish school, the richness of Medieval illumination, the precision of the colour plates of the Naturalists and the exuberance of the Douanier Rousseau.

In France, as well as abroad, the renown of Alain Thomas continues to spread, as can be seen by the constant number of articles in the press and his different appearances in the public media. We can note, among others, Figaro Magazine and Géo Espagne, the televised sequences broadcast on NHK and TBS in Japan and, in Nantes, his exceptional mural fresco of 125 square meters representing a toucan. A partner in the Breton Cultural Institute, the National Museum of Natural History, Amnesty International (…), Alain Thomas continues to sign prestigious collections, notably for the Lyons silk maker “Art et Images” and the celebrated Limoges porcelain maker “Haviland.”


Successfully exhibited in Pont-Aven, La Baule, Paris, New-York, Chicago, Palm-Beach, Tokyo, etc. Alain Thomas is considered to be the leader of so-called "primitive naive" painting. His very personal art has enabled him, in a forty-year career, to illustrate eighteen books, including several tales for children, bibliophile books, and bestiaries.

These exhibitions also present the recent release of the 52-minute documentary film, “A Toucan in New York,” produced by Amenic Cinema. A studio, a window opening onto an animal park where species from all over the world cohabit with each other : hares from Patagonia, raccoons, emus, deer, kangaroos, Vietnamese pigs, crowned cranes, ibises, peacocks…. This is the magic universe of the painter Alain Thomas...

Alaska, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Brazil, Korea, Côte d'Ivoire, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Japan, Martinique, Mexico, Norway,
Sweden, Turkey, USA.

Musée d'Art Naïf de l'Ile-de-France.
Musée d'Art Naïf de Paris.
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Cholet.

Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire, London
Cities of Cholet, Donges, Versailles, Vertou.

© Photo Patrick Lanoë

"Salon de Printemps, Donges, 1996.
"Festival de l'Oiseau", Abbeville, 1998.
"Salon d'art animalier", Ménigoute, 1998.
"Salon d'art du Félin", Villeneuve St Georges, 1999.
"Carte Blanche à Alain Thomas", Vertou, 1999.
"Salon d'Automne", Carquefou, 2001.

.Artistic credits for "Apostrophes, " produced by Bernard Pivot on Antenne 2, 1986.
"Avant Première "produced by Pierre Bellemare
on TF1, April 1989.
"Nulle part ailleurs "with Sylvain Ogier and Philippe Gildas on Canal+, May 1990.
"30 millions d’amis " on TF1, July 19991.
"Mille et une pattes " on channel 5, December 1991.
"Amazing Animals " on TBS, the 6th Japanese television channel, March 1998.
"European Life " on NHK, the 1st Japanese television channel, March 2000.

The interview on Brittany television, March 2001.

The 1st German channel, Spanish television and Belgian radio & television have produced shows on the painting of Alain Thomas

Documentary film (26mn-V.H.S.) - " Un peintre au Jardin d’Eden, " financed by the French Ministry of Culture - Production Visual 8, 1992

Documentary film (26mn-V.H.S.)- "Un toucan à New York, " Aménic Cinema Production, 2002.

© Photo Patrick Lanoë

.Puzzles for Nathan Games (out of print), 1994.
Wall fresco "Toucan à bec caréné " (125 m²), at the Place A. Delrue in Nantes. Inauguration by Alain Bougrain-Dubourg, with the partnership of the L.P.O. and the W.W.F.,1996.
Jackets for the CDs "Flûte et Orgue", "Flûte et Harpe" and "Flûte et Guitare", 1998, 1999, 2001.
Signed scarves and neckties in the "Alain Thomas Collection " produced by "Art et Images", the Lyons silk maker.
Signed storage trays in the "Alain Thomas Collection" produced by "Haviland," the Limoges porcelain maker.
Several calendars and greeting cards reproducing the artist’s paintings in Germany, Belgium, Japan and France (Amnesty International, Enfance Meurtrie du Liban, the W.W.F. …).


Artistes Français, Automne, Comparaisons,
Indépendants, Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Artistes Naturalistes du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle.

Bologna, Brive, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva,
Cairo, Nantes, Paris, Ryad.

Alain Thomas - Editions Chiffoleau, 1969 (sold out).
Alain Thomas - Editions Cid-Picollec, 1998.

"La vie triomphe toujours" (cover) by Michel Géa - Editions p.-J. Oswald, 1969.
"La fête vue par les naïfs" - Editions Max Fourny, 1979.
"L'esprit d'enfance" (cover) by Luc Bérimont - Editions ouvrières, 1980.
"Le rêve vu par les naïfs" - Editions Max Fourny, 1981.
"Les Naïfs" - Editions Hervas, 1981.
"Le paradis et les naïfs" - Editions Max Fourny, 1983.
"Critériologie de l'Art Naïf" - Editions Max Fourny, 1984.
"C'est à lire" de N. et J.Babin - Hachette éducation, 1992.
"Les animaux qui ont une histoire" (cove) - Editions Picollec, 1993.
"Les plus belles enveloppes illustrées de 1750 à nos jours" - Editions N.T.A., 2000.

© Photo Patrick Lanoë

"Nus d’Alain Thomas » - Text by Michel Géa Editions p.- J. Oswald, 1969.
"Douze contes pour Noël" – Text by Jacques Raux Editions Pierre Gauthier, 1978 (out of print).
"La Belle Babel" – Texts by Yves Cosson –Editions Pierre Gauthier, 1979 (out of print).
"Elles" covering chosen texts, a portfolio Editions Pierre Gauthier, 1981, (out of print).
"Interlude familier" by Madeleine Labour Editions Imbert Nicolas, 1982.
"Contes des mille et une nuits" – Translation by Antoine Gallande – Editions Hervas, 1985 (out of print).
"Le Livre de Marco Polo" – Bibliophilie Editions du Cadran, 1987 (out of print).
"La Reine des neiges" – Andersen – Editions Cid-Picollec, 1988 (out of print).
"Neige de Printemps" – Text by Ysabelle Lacamp – Albin Michel Jeunesse, 1998 (out of print).
"Le Bestiaire d’Alain Thomas" – Text by Karl Regardin – Editions Hervas, 1992 (out of print).
"Perceval Le Gallois" – Text by Jacques Boulanger – Bibliophilie – Editions du Cadran, 1993.
"Le Bestiaire II d’Alain Thomas" – Text by M. Wilhem – Editions Victor Stanne, 1997.
"Toucans" – Text by Jacques Cuisin -Editions Victor Stanne, 2000.

© Photo Patrick Lanoë
Wall Fresco (125 m²) after "Toucans à bec caréné", Ateliers Greleg – Nantes

Wally Findlay International Galleries presented an exclusive showing of the paintings of Alain Thomas at their galleries in Paris, New York, Chicago and Palm Beach from 1974 to 2001.