Alain THOMAS - Painter-Illustrator - 2, rue St-Vincent 44120 Vertou - FRANCE
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Alain THOMAS, an artist in the Garden of Eden

A studio with a window opening on a park filled with animals, where species from all over the world live together: Patagonian hares, raccoons, emus, deer, kangaroos, Vietnamese pigs, crowned cranes, ibises, peacocks... This is the universe of the painter Alain Thomas.

Alain Thomas is recognized as the foremost artist of contemporary naïve painting. Over a career of more than forty years, his extremely personal style has given him the opportunity to illustrate a score of art books including several tales for children, monographs, bestiaries and books for bibliophiles.

With successful exhibitions in Paris, New York, Tokyo and other world capitals, the paintings of Alain Thomas now decorate prestigious collections showing a unique know-how which includes illuminations, Longwy enamels, Limoges porcelains, Lyons silks, Aubusson tapestries....

As we follow the different sections presented on this site, Alain Thomas allows us to travel into a world full of dreams, refinement and colours. The result? Works of art filled with poetry, superb objects of fantasy to offer to others or to yourselves... for the pleasure!

The original works are on exhibition at the Galerie l' Oiseau Bleu.
We look forward to meeting you.
Exhibition created from a photo by Alain Le Bot - Nantes ©